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          • Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Galleria

            Materials Supplied: EPDM Profiles & Vulcanized Frames

          • Al Dar Headquarters

            Materials Supplied: EPDM Profiles & Vulcanized Frames, GE Structural Silicone Glazing SSG4000 & Weather Sealants SilPruf

          • Dubai International Financial Center, DIFC

            Materials Supplied: EPDM Profiles & Vulcanized Frames

          • Burj Khalifa Podium

            Materials Supplied: EPDM & Silicone, Profiles & Vulcanized Frame, Waterproofing membrane

          • Dubai Festival City

            Materials Supplied: EPDM & Silicone Profiles, Vulcanized Frames

          Our range of products are engineered to meet the tough environmental and operational conditions of the Middle East.

          We have done work for many prestigious organizations in the region, providing the best quality and high support.

          We are continuing to improve our products range to respond to market demands and needs, by lunching SILTECH, a high-quality general-purpose silicone .